Products & Services

Group of Companies products and services include:

  • Power Transformers up to 40 MVA
  • Machine Tools
  • Desktop CNC Lathe
  • Pressure Die-cast parts for Auto industries and Gas Meter
  • Tractors Parts
  • Traction pinons and Gears for Locomotives
  • Armaments (Recoilless Rifle 106mm, Mortars 60mm, 81mm Long Barrel, Heavy Mortar 120mm , RPG7-40mm )
  • Special products of precision engineering
  • Electricity Distribution & Transmission Line Steel Towers up to 500KV
  • Telecommunication Towers for Cellular Companies
  • Irrigation pumps
  • Electric Motors
  • Project Management

Providing consultancy services design & engineering towards development of Engineering Procurement Construction (EPC) projects in Oil & Gas Sector, Chemical, Petrochemical, fertilizer and other process industries.

All engineering units as well as Project Management Consultancy Company are ISO 9000 certified. These companies manufacture a variety of engineering goods and equipment, conforming to international quality standards and design.